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  • Select "New User Register" on the side menu, then complete and submit the registration form online. (There are 2 account types: Supervisor Account for system administration and application input, Operation User Account for application input. Multiple users can share same user account for input purpose)
  • Kamu (normally within a few minutes) for account activation. Just click the embedded link to activate the account immediately.
  • You can then start using the CRNet System.

Update / Change Registration Information

  • Login the CRNet system.
  • Select "Modify company information" on the side menu.
  • Update / change the company information online.
    • Supervisor Account user can modify all information.
    • Operation User Account user can modify user account information only.

CR/CT Application

  • Login the CRNet System.
  • Select "Application for CR/CT" on the side menu.
  • Complete the online application form in English. You can change your submission location at this stage. One application can handle multiple items. Note: Please complete the application form within 20 minutes for preventing data loss due to login session expiration
  • After submission, you should print every page of the application form (use any printer for A4 size portrait printing on white paper) for signatory and chop. Multi-page and duplex print in one sheet is not allowed. Please note that for each individual item, you should print a separate application form. You should also configure your Internet browser according to our system requirement.

Application Status Checking / Template Saving

  • Login the CRNet System.
  • Select "Application Status" on the side menu. You can:
    • View the status of each application.
    • Application submitted can be retrieved and viewed online within 3 months from submission. In addition, you can keep up to 10 applications as templates for subsequent applications and the selected templates will be retained after the 3-month period.
  • Supervisor can view all applications. Operation User can only view applications under user account.


  • Once the "Application Status" is marked "Completed", please bring along the following to your submission location:
    • Duly signed and chopped application forms.
    • Related documents required for the application.
    • Fees (only cash or company cheque will be accepted) for the applications.

In case of doubt, please contact our hotline during office hours at tel: 2396 3318.

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